Serve with us!

God created each of us with a unique set of gifts and we get to choose how to use them to bring more heaven to earth. Read about the different service opportunities and get involved in one!





At Front Porch, we value beauty. Because of this, we want to have quality music in order to point people closer to God. If you are a musician or enjoy doing production tech, be part of bringing more beauty to service! Click the button below and tell us in what capacity you would like to serve.


We love kids. Because we love kids, we want to partner with other people who love kids and love spending time with them, and want to provide kids with a safe environment. If you love kids of ages and would thrive serving in this capacity, connect through the serve button below!






It is vital that people feel welcomed the minute they walk into the door. If you have a warm personality and meeting new people, do what you love on Sunday services. We need people to assist in parking, welcome people in the lobby, and help them find a seat. If you are interested, click the serve button below!

We’re looking for people who like to make spaces feel homey. The hospitality team takes care of our space and provides refreshments for all to enjoy. If this is something you’d love to be apart of, click the button below!