Cultural Values



We live open handed, recognizing that God provides more than we need. In sharing our homes, finances, time, and talents we stand as a testament to the abundance of God’s Kingdom overflowing into our community.

Living open handed with God and others.   


We celebrate our King Jesus, acknowledging that His death and resurrection cleanse us of sin and makes heaven accessible. And we celebrate the presence of His Kingdom in our midst by naming Jesus when we see justice, reconciliation, beauty, and wholeness in our neighborhoods.

Rejoicing in the many good things brought about through Jesus christ.


Discipleship is at the foundation of who we are. We each strive on this journey to be more like Jesus every day by learning ourselves and the person of Jesus. We engage the Bible, inviting God-breathed words to challenge and encourage us. We also engage the world around us, learning God’s Kingdom through the sciences and arts.

Asking, “What is God saying to me?” and “What am I going to do about it?”    



All who enter into community with us bring something unique to the table. We each contribute food to “pitch-in” meals, a unique spiritual gift, and a distinctive history and perspective. We see people through the primary truth about humans in God’s narrative called the Bible - we were all created in the image of God. We recognize Jesus Christ as the leader of our church body, and practice polycentric leadership.

Seeing all creation as equal, worthy, and able to contribute.   


We are deeply rooted on the York Road Corridor of Baltimore City, where we are working to tear down the walls of segregation, social inequity, crime, addiction, and depression. We know that the Good News of Jesus Christ is the only bridge strong enough to span the growing chasm between neighborhoods across York Road from each other. So, we are committed to making more disciples who see themselves as missionaries on their block working to bring more of God’s Kingdom to earth.

Working for peace and reconciliation in our community.