"The Word became flesh & blood, & moved into the neighborhood."




Sundays @ 5pm

6112 York Road • Baltimore, MD 21212



A Christian Church rooted in the York Road Corridor of Baltimore City, MD.

We believe that the Good News of Jesus is the only force big enough and resilient enough to tear down the walls that divide us and to build bridges across the divide in our city. Front Porch Church is a community of Jesus Followers on mission to bring more heaven to our little slice of earth. Whether you’re into Jesus or just loving your neighbors, if you want to see more heaven on earth in Baltimore City, join us for dinner sometime soon!

Why the name Front Porch?

Yes, we understand that the name is atypical. Within our community in Baltimore, the majority of houses contain a front porch, regardless of the house being east or west of York Road. The name Front Porch Church comes from the idea that the front porch of the home is the bridge from the community space (the street) and the house (intimate space). Front Porch Church aims to build bridges between community space and intimate space in the same way that the front porch does.